Weird and scary

by Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Mother and 12-year-old son

Mother: 'Michel, recently I heard such a strange story about a teacher that was very intimate with children.'
Son: 'My teacher is very cool, mom!'
Mother: 'Yes, I'm not talking about your teacher. But imagine a teacher saying that you can make homework at his house. That's possible is it?'
Son: 'I've never heard of such a thing.'
Mother: 'Let's say it's a teacher you like very much and he invites you to his home. And then he wants to see a video with you.'
Son: 'That would be very nice.'
Mother: 'But if the video is very scary? Or it's a video that you find dirty, or weird...'
Son: 'Then I would say that my mother does not allow me to watch it.'
Mother: 'I think that's a good answer. You can also say that you have to go home because I'm waiting at home (even if this is not the case). Or you can say that you prefer to play outside or that you want to call me so that I can pick you up.'
Son: 'Yes, I would never want to go to his place anymore.'
Mother: 'Will you always tell me such things, Michel, if something like this is happening?'
Son: 'I will.'

A few days later

Son: 'Mom, I was with a man and he showed me something weird. He wanted to introduce me to some artist called Dali. The paintings he showed me were so weird, it was even scary. And dirty too. I thought about our conversation and I ran away from him as hard as I could. In the beginning I thought he would want to see a porn movie with me, but no. Now I have to masturbate on my own again.'
Mother: 'Well... I... Good you ran away... I guess...'

First conversation translated from a very sex-negative book 'Kinderen & seksualiteit' by Sanderijn van der Doef; 2nd revised print: 2009, 1st print: 2004. Part 'A few days later' by me.

27 March 2017