Mark Rutte on slavery and Bert Brussen on the Holocaust

by Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime minister of the Netherlands, gave an interview yesterday live on television. In this interview [1] he said about the Dutch slavery history that you cannot give excuses about how the Dutch treated people as slaves at that time because "you cannot weigh the context of that time. You cannot say the people back then did it wrong, because we're talking about 150 years ago." That's what Mark Rutte said. He really did.

Two days ago I had another What The Fuck moment. Opinion maker Peter Breedveld linked to a Youtube video where another opinion maker - and not his best friend - Bert Brussen said something about the Holocaust. Breedveld wrote [2]: "'personality disorder', someone?," about the fact that Brussen said the following about the Holocaust. Brussen said in a video uploaded in December 2015 [3]: "Ethics is not a fixed something". He continued: "Let's talk about the Holocaust, of course you now can say that it is wrong, but the SS (Schutzstaffel), who where doing it at the time thought it's not wrong. They thought it's the right thing to do. You can only determine in retrospect if something is wrong or right."

We should not give people like Mark Rutte and Bert Brussen much responsibilities in our society. That's dangerous.

Where I quote I translated texts from Dutch to English.


05 September 2016