My cat is no longer Muslim

by Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Recently my cat went outside but without wearing a headscarf. I said to her: 'You must wear a headscarf because you are a Muslim.' 'No, I don't want to,' she said and just went outside. This morning she stated: 'I am no longer a Muslim. I don't believe all those things anymore in the Quran and it leads to violence. Gays, Jews and many others too get killed.'

This afternoon I asked her: 'So you don't pray to Mecca anymore?' 'No,' she responded, 'but I am already busy with other things. I'm lying in the sun at the moment.'

'You don't pray at all?' 'No, yes, I lighted a candle in the catholic church here in town for the Orlando shooting victims. But leave me alone, losing my religion was no big deal. Let me enjoy the sun. I am a cat.'

16 June 2016