Why not publish Dutch newspapers in the English language?

by Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Sometimes Dutch newspapers have an English section on their website but the leading language remains Dutch. I wonder why? The world is becoming more and more one. Even in France nowadays all children learn English at schools. Centuries from now most people on earth will speak the same language. When for instance NRC changes her language on-line, millions and millions of people will become potential readers. The mass media in countries like USA, UK or Australia are not what I call practicing good journalism. So it's a good thing if they can read our stuff too. It's too much a one way ticket right now.

Newspapers should not do both languages. Stop writing in Dutch. Don't translate all articles too. The source must be written in English. You lose some readers, they can change to a newspaper still publishing in Dutch. Most young people can read English: many of them play games en watch movies without the Dutch subtitles. Maybe not most Telegraaf readers can read English, but I'm afraid they can't read at all.

Newspapers are dying. Papers printed on paper will become a rarity in the near future. This process is irreversible and it is taking place very rapidly.

We will loose Black Pete and our language will become a dead language. Get used to it. It's not that I disgust the Dutch culture, it's that I want to share it with the whole world.

My English is far from perfect, but Dutch newspapers don't need me to proofread their articles. Well, I can write opinion articles though...

3 October 2015